We can look after your WordPress website for you, keeping it up to date, fully secure and looking great with our WordPress website plans.


It is very important for your website’s health to maintain it properly. WordPress websites are built using WordPress CMS, various themes and plugins. As search engines are continually evolving, WordPress releases its newest and updated versions to keep up with these changes. 
Plugins, too, are constantly releasing their newest versions and so these need to be updated regularly. For security reasons, SEO purposes and for attracting customers, it is extremely important to constantly keep your website up-to-date.

If you don’t update your website and make changes to it regularly, Google will view it as a dead ‘entity’ and it may loose its rankings. Therefore, update your website regularly with fresh, quality content and Google will love it. So add new text, images and pages to keep Google and your visitors interested. 

Maintaining your website can lessen the risks of hacking, malware, broken links and so on. We provide WordPress website plans for businesses in Surrey and all over the UK.

We care about your website

Our website care plans are affordable and take away the hassle and stress of continually having to update your website. Once a week we check your site’s core files, plugins and themes for updates and carry out any maintenance work required to keep your website safe and secure.

Feature 1

Check on Security

This part of website maintenance is extremely important to the safe and healthy running of your website which is of course your business. We install software that protects your website against attacks and gives you peace of mind that it will be available to your customers.

Feature 2

Backup your website

It is very important to have a copy of your website in case the website is attacked or compromised. We can then repair the website without having to start from scratch, which will save you money.

Feature 3

Software is vulnerable

Your website is made with WordPress, themes and plugins – software which needs to be updated regularly. We visit all websites once a week to do this, ensuring that all elements of your website work properly.

6 Reasons You Need a WordPress Website Plan

WordPress care plans will SAVE TIME Keeping your website up to date, backed up and secure can be time consuming and a little tedious. PEACE OF MIND All core software, plugins and themes updated on a weekly basis. SECURE BACKUP Rest easy that if anything ever goes wrong your website can be restored quickly. SECURITY Constant security monitoring to keep any nasty intruders out. TROUBLE SHOOTING If anything goes wrong or you’re hacked we’ll fix your site and get it back online asap. PRIORITY SUPPORT Assistance with basic content management across the site.

The Benefits

Feature 1


We will host your site on secure servers which are monitored 24/7. Hosting is optional, but we utilise the best server hardware, coupled with fantastic security software including multiple firewalls, host intrusion prevention and realtime malware & virus scanning.

Feature 2


Problems happen, it’s impossible to stop hackers, hardware failures or simple human error, to protect against this it’s essential to make regular backups of your site. All our WordPress care plans include daily backups stored remotely.

Feature 3


Our WordPress care plans are designed for websites that use CMS platforms such as WordPress. These systems require frequent updates to ensure security. All of our packages include this by default, it’s essential in helping to secure a site.



If you include our hosting services, an SSL certificate is included as standard. SSL certificates have become essential for all websites as a sign they are secure.

Feature 1

Content Support

This option allocates time each month to help make updates to your site. Whether it be simple web design changes, adding blog posts, changing existing web page content, image editing or fixing problems, you let us know any issues you’re having and we’ll fix them.

Feature 2

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

No one knows when something might go wrong, or a temporary issue can cause outages, that’s why our plans all include 24/7 monitoring. We’re alerted the minute a site goes down and can react and help to fix problems as soon as possible, without you needing to contact us.

Feature 3

Site Audit Report

Our SEO plan includes an audit of your site which includes many technical factors such as broken links, missing meta titles and many other factors which can help with search engine ranking.

Performance Report

Performance Report

Our SEO plan includes a monthly report to see how well your site is performing on speed, such as page loading time. If issues are found we’ll work to fix them as quickly as possible.

“Tree Duck Design provide a thorough, high quality service offering a prompt and efficient resolution to any technical issues which we just wouldn’t have the knowledge or capacity to deal with in-house.

The monthly care package provides us with the reassurance that our website remains secure, user friendly and up to date for our users, as well as offering creative input from Jennie as to how improvements can be made.”

– Katie, Freewheelers Theatre & Media

WordPress Website Plans



Perfect for WordPress sites that require frequent upgrades, monitoring and daily backups to keep them secure.

– Update WordPress and Themes
– Update Plugins
– Optimise database
– Backup website once a week
– Monitor Website Security
– Scan and fix broken links
– Deal with hosting and domain name issues on your behalf
– Cleanup Assistance after Security Breach*
– Technical Support



Perfect if you’re adding features to your site on a regular basis. Includes all of the Essential benefits plus UNLIMITED Content Management assistance.

In Addition to the Essential Plan
– Add/changes to text, including new blog posts
– Change/add new Images (resize and compress them first)
– Add/change video
– Add other features eg. social icons, new sections, image gallery
– SEO – We tweak titles, text, meta data, to help rank higher
– Monthly Maintenance Report
– Cleanup Assistance after Security Breach*
– Technical Support

* Malware will be cleaned up after a security breach and invoiced an hourly rate as it is difficult to know how long it will take before looking into it.

Looking for someone to take care of your website? Got questions? We can help.