Starting a Career in Business: 
Great Tips for People with Disabilities

Starting a Career in Business: 
Great Tips for People with Disabilities

Everyone deserves to find a career in which they can thrive. But people with disabilities face a unique set of challenges when it comes to finding work that is both financially rewarding and emotionally fulfilling. Thankfully, the business world presents several amazing opportunities for anyone and everyone, including those with disabilities. 

Whether you dream about running your own business or climbing the corporate ladder to the top, pursuing a career in business can be incredibly empowering. Here are some tips to help you get started!

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Becoming an Entrepreneur

Nothing is more fulfilling than running your own business. As a business owner, you will have complete control over your work hours, work environment, and the type of work you do. This makes entrepreneurship perfectly suited to people with disabilities! Starting a home-based business allows you to make a living without navigating the potentially discriminatory barriers of a traditional office job. Plus, people with disabilities enjoy several government incentives that can help you get the ball rolling. 

If you’re looking for a home-based business that has the potential to grow into something big, e-commerce is the way to go. All you need to get started is an idea, a domain name, and a website! You can sell anything from health and beauty products to eBooks and online courses. 

If you need help getting your business off the ground, work with a skilled web designer like Tree Duck Design to create a site that’s stylish, responsive, and easy to use. You can also connect with a freelance e-commerce marketing professional who can help you market your business. You can find highly rated e-commerce marketers by reviewing rates, client feedback, and delivery timelines on job boards. 

Pursuing Employment

While running a business has its perks, some people prefer the stability and benefits that come with traditional employment. Fortunately, jobs in the business sector tend to be more accessible for people with disabilities than those in other industries. There are so many different opportunities available in the business world! For example, you could work as an account manager, business analyst, marketing manager, sales representative, corporate attorney, healthcare administrator, and more. 

Once you pick a career path that interests you, it’s time to go after that entry-level job! Networking is key here. Fast Company suggests setting up informational interviews with people who are thriving in their business roles. There are countless professionals who are willing to share their hard-earned wisdom with anyone who is passionate about entering the wonderful world of business.

How to Choose an Educational Path

Whether you want to launch your own business or seek employment from a firm, a formal business education can be invaluable. Besides helping you earn the credentials you need to prove your worth in the business world, your education will also teach you all of the soft skills you need to thrive in a business setting! Consider getting your degree in business, finance, marketing, economics, or communications. And if you’re concerned about navigating the school campus in a wheelchair, you could always earn your degree online!

Going to school isn’t the only way to boost your business skills. You can find plenty of free educational resources online that will help you make better decisions for your business or go after that promotion at work. Watch informative videos, read books, and enrol in online courses. Whatever you do, never stop learning! 

Living with a disability can be challenging, but it shouldn’t rob you of your dream career. Working in business offers countless fulfilling perks for people with disabilities. Whether you’re looking for work-from-home opportunities or a corporate job where you can thrive, a career in business might just be the perfect path for you!



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