Cost optimisation: tips to lower your office energy bills

Cost optimisation: tips to lower your office energy bills

When profit margins are a priority, why are so many businesses wasting money on their utility bills? Making small changes to keep your energy costs down in the office will increase your environmental efficiency and also improve the working conditions for your employees. So, follow our top tips for reducing your office’s energy bills.

Switch energy suppliers

The most foolproof way to save money on your energy bills is by switching energy suppliers with Switching to a new energy supplier can save your business hundreds of pounds each year. Why? Well, the longer you are with a particular supplier on a certain tariff, your monthly bills slowly climb. Moreover, your office’s energy requirements massively differ over time, so it’s important that you have a plan that reflects your consumption, as well as your company’s environmental priorities. For example, suppliers such as Bulb or Octopus can provide you with green energy tariffs for your business.

Smaller changes

LED bulbs

Replacing incandescent lights with LED bulbs or other energy saving light bulbs will save you so much money on your energy bills. This is because they simply require less energy to light up a space! Everyone hates those overly bright overhead incandescent lights in most offices, so switching to softer, more environmentally friendly bulbs will also make your space feel calmer. Your employees will definitely thank you!

Regulate your office temperature

Limiting cooling and heating in your office will help to stabilise the internal temperature, keeping your employees comfortable and saving you money in the process. A stable temperature will be reflected in your monthly energy bills, as big fluctuations in temperature can cause bills to spike. Your office could invest in a smart thermostat to help you regulate the temperature and find the perfect balance so that everyone is comfortable. This might be tricky, given everyone has different regular body temperatures, but with some experimentation and a smart thermostat, you’ll find the equilibrium! Moreover, avoid using an air conditioning unit, since these have a pretty bad impact on the environment.

Multifunctional devices

All in one printers and other multifunctional devices work wonders for keeping your bills down. This is because less energy will be used to power up multiple devices, but rather just one that does everything! These machines have been proven to cut costs, so it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. Moreover, rethinking how we use these devices in the office can change our habits for good. For example, do you really need to print that document, or can you send it as a PDF? If you must print, make sure that the settings are fixed on double-sided paper. This will cut your company’s outgoings in terms of paper usage.

Energy-saving technology

Using technology that regulates your devices will also help you to lower your energy bills. They work by switching off devices when they are not in use, rather than leaving them on standby. Too much of our energy consumption is down to standby mode, which is completely wasted energy and can cause your bills to spike.

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