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Thank you so much for getting in touch and sharing more details about your project with us.

If it’s the weekend or after hours, we’re probably out doing fun things, so we’ll respond Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm UTC.

What Happens Next:
We’ll have a complimentary Zoom consultation. During our conversation we’ll discuss your project and how we can help, explore the possibility of us working together, and if we both think it’s a great fit, outline next steps.

If you haven’t yet done so, please browse through our portfolio, check out what our clients have to say, and click through the blog, especially this post about writing a vision statement for your website.

Prepare For Our Conversation

The project and business details you need to have ready

Why this project right now?

Explain what is going on in your business that has made this project is a priority. Why are
you making this investment right now? What makes it important?

What are the business objectives tied to this project?

Explain the achievements you want to see as a result of completing this project, the specific goals, and what will make this project a win.

How will achieving these results change/help your business?

Will you be able to reinvest and grow, hire more staff, take a holiday, stop working weekends,
pay off debt, sleep better at night?

How will the website be used in the future? What’s your business vision?

It’s important to understand the
difference between what you need right now to make money and what you hope to need in the future to support your big vision.

What are the non-negotiable requirements?

List the features and functionality that must be included in the website at launch. These are the features that if missing, would make the website a failure.

Are there existing brand materials that the website needs to match or blend with?

Share any relevant brand materials that exist — materials that must be incorporated into the website or materials the website must compliment as part of the brand.

“Working with Jennie is amazing. First of all, she is a great professional with outstanding and individual approach, second to none. Secondly, she has amazing taste and attention to detail. I would definitely recommend working with her and experience it yourself!”

Kate Marchenko Coaching

Looking forward to speaking with you

I want every person who gets in touch with me to find a perfect-fit partner they love working with & are thankful to have found — even if that means I refer them to someone else who is a better fit.

This means my goal when speaking to prospective clients — beyond answering their questions and helping them feel comfortable — is to:

  1. Make sure we’re a good fit and will enjoy working together.
  2. Confirm that I can meet and exceed their needs and expectations.
  3. Gather the information I need to provide an accurate and fair proposal.

I want to work with clients who see my value and work on projects that enhance my experience. I want to work with clients I like so I enjoy and look forward to my workday. I also want you to find a creative partner you love — one you trust to understand your unique needs, put you first, and deliver amazing results.

Ultimately, I want us both to have an extraordinary experience!